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What is Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  1. How does Traditional Chinese Medicine work?

    Chinese medicine is a coherent independent system of thought and practice developed over two millennia.

    Rooted in ancient texts, it is the result of a continuous process of critical thinking, as well as extensive clinical observation and testing.  It has its own logic and perception of disease and the human body.

    Through Chinese medicine, Dr. Chen-Bristol sets out to correct any imbalance in the body or mind and to restore harmony and equilibrium.

  2. What is acupuncture?

    Acupuncture consists of inserting very fine needles at certain points on the body.  Dr. Chen-Bristol selects the points depending on the patient's conditions and her many years of experience in physical examination. These points allow her to bring the patient into a healthier balance.

  3. What is Chinese herbology?

    Together with acupuncture, Chinese herbology is part of a complete system of medicine practised in China for many thousands of years.  Dr. Chen-Bristol prepares herbal formulas for each patient's unique imbalance patterns.

  4. Can Chinese medicine help me?

    Chinese medicine treatment is very beneficial for chronic conditions and aging related illnesses without the side effects of the long-term use of drugs.

    With her experience and knowledge of both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, Dr. Chen-Bristol has successfully treated a wide variety of conditions as described on the page What Does She Treat.

  5. Can Chinese medicine help to prevent disease and promote health?

    Yes.  Illness starts as a problem on the energy level, leading to imbalances in specific parts of the body.  There is often a long grace period between the start of an energy imbalance and the appearance of disease serious enough for conventional medicine to consider.

    Dr. Chen-Bristol uses Traditional Chinese medicine to correct energy imbalances during the grace period. Therefore, it is beneficial not only for the treatment but also for the prevention of many diseases and for the maintenance of health.

  6. Can Chinese medicine promote longevity?

    Dr. Chen-Bristol believes that aging in Chinese medicine is related to the deficiency of body functions and degree of energy and blood stagnation.

    Through tonifying and promoting the flow of energy and blood, balancing yin and yang, and regulating the function of internal organs, Chinese people have been using Chinese medicine for maintenance and longevity throughout the centuries.

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